Top 3 crypto asset to buy before it gain bullish attraction in the market

Top 3 crypto asset to buy before it gain bullish attraction in the market


Despite the fact that the digital currency market has experienced a huge drop in market Cap and lost a substantial amount of pips in their various assets. Yet market investors are on the look for profitable opportunities to invest their money amidst the downhill movement taking place in the market.

With rate hike expectations coming from the Federal Reserve Chairman Jeremy Powell in March, market investors should understand that there is still room for the market to remain bearish.

Because a tighter monetary policy is aimed towards curbing the hyperinflation pressure around the US economy.

However, if you’re still interested in buying digital currency in exchange for profit maximization, below are the list of our top pick crypto asset.

Tether, the most traded stable coin by market Cap, has often proved to be a safe haven digital asset. Due to its stability and similar value with the US dollar, it has the potential of rising in value in spite of negative trading sentiment taking place in the crypto market. And because it has a value that’s equal to the dollar, it’s guaranteed to appreciate if at all the feds should tighten the monetary policy sooner.

While it may be deduced that Ripple is at a point of gaining positive recovery, after a continuous month of losses and negative price balances. It should be noted that the best way to profit from the crypto asset is to buy it when the value is in the bearish stage. You can gain a lot from the market if you consider buying XRP this period.

With concern about Ethereum upgrading to ETH2 as a result of controlling its transaction cost and network congestion issues. It’ll be right to be prepared for the opportunity this new upgrade will produce in the market.


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